Sketchbook: Yaso's DigiDump

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Thread: Yaso's DigiDump

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    Yaso's DigiDump

    Mhkay... not sure what to put in here, so I'm just randomly throwing stuff in.
    Of my newer stuff, only the digitals make it in, because my beloved scanner went and died without giving a warning.

    EDIT 20 06 05: Some images linkified

    Space Relic, mid-2004, PS

    Homeworld fanart, sometime in 2004, PS; paintover over original concept art

    Cityscape, late 2004, PS

    Floating Warship concept, 2004, pencil

    Landscape, late 2004, PS

    Self-portrait, 2004, PS and a mirror

    Mr. Freeze, late 2004, PS

    Spacescape, PS

    Drej, PS, reference

    Swordfish, PS, reference

    Room, PS

    more Homeworld fanart, never finished, still PS

    Guess who. Charcoal

    Professors; between late 2003 and 2004, pencil, most obviously

    teh Spidey, 2004, pencil

    Prysm, 2005? PS

    Landscape, PS

    2005, PS

    Concepts, PS, May 05

    PS, early '04

    Mollari, 2004, Pencil

    That'll do for now.

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