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    Question Wacom Ergonomics

    What's your set-up like for your tablet...?

    Do you use the tablet as a mouse, or do you have an alternate that you're more comfortable with for browsing?

    How do you not kill your wrist? Mousepad?

    I'm running the smallest intuos3, and was thinking of putting a mousepad in front of it - kind of an incline for the forearm leading up to it? I donno, I've been flying blind for a while now; enlighten me!

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    I run 9x12 Wacoms, which eliminates a lot of problems. I use a Logitech Cordless Trackman Mouse, which is an ergonomic Trackball, so you don't have to move your arm all over the place, you just roll the ball with your fingertips, and your thumb and forefinger do most of the button work.

    When drawing with the Wacoms, I kick back in my chair, put my feet up, position the tablet on my lap, put the Logitech Wireless keyboard to the left, so I can use keyboard shortcuts as needed, and away I go.

    Mind you, we're talking about $500 for the setup, but it does make computing and drawing Life pleasant...
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    I've got a wierd setup. I'm left handed so my tablet is on my left side but I've always used my right hand with a mouse so it's on the right side of my keyboard.

    That's a good idea with the mouse pad. I would try to make as much space on your tablet side as possible so you can lay your elbow flat and pivot it when making brush strokes.

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    got an oversize A4 intuos 2 and I've got it sideways so that it fit's my screen better (dunno why but it feels more comfy like that too), use a separate mac laser mouse on a bit of an old leather jacket for browsing coz it doesn't gum up the slidey pads like a regular mouse mat.

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