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    Art_Addict :: """"""""""""" PRAHA DROP """"""""""""


    Finally , finally started my own personal CA sketchbook ! Whooa, i'm all excited All crits , suggestions are much appreciated . I want to improve !

    i'll start with a funky self portrait as way to introduce myself . It has anatomical issues, doesn't really look like me, ...... he, but i still kinda like it

    Sometimes , i like to doodle at work (bartender at a restaurant) a bit when its quiet :

    This was from a movie screenshot, but i don't remember wich one. Note to myself !! : don't think rendering a bad drawing is gonna make it better !!!

    Two doodles, unfinished, they're just details of a bigger page. No ref. well actually , sometimes i start drawing from life and the person stands up and leaves after a minute and then i try to finish the drawing outa my head or play with it a little bit :


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