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    Visualize this

    Killer dino 'turned vegetarian'
    Thought it might be fun to do this:
    The link at the bottom got two pics on how this creature is supposed to look like and also description on how it looked like...which I quoted below so you may try to imagine how it look liked and then click on the link to see if the scientists visualisation of this creature is the same as yours.
    Falcarius utahensis belonged to a group of dinosaurs known as therizinosaurs, which were cousins of Velociraptor dinos and the early ancestors of birds.

    The bizarre creature appears to sit halfway between nippy carnivores and later, lumbering plant-eating therizinosaurs, although scientists cannot be entirely sure what it ate itself.

    "Falcarius shows the beginning of features we associate with plant-eating dinosaurs, including a reduction in size of meat-cutting teeth to leaf-shredding teeth, the expansion of the gut to a size needed to ferment plants and the early stages of changing the legs so they could carry a bulky body instead of running fast after prey," said James Kirkland, of the Utah Geological Survey.

    Ferocious past

    The adult dinosaur walked on two legs, was about 4m long (13ft) and stood 1.4m tall (4.5ft). It also had a woolly feather-like plumage and sharp, curved 10cm-long (4-inch) claws.

    These formidable talons were probably a hang-over from the dinosaur's ferocious past, the researchers say, and may not have had a function in its more sedate new lifestyle.
    link to page
    My sketchbook flawed to the max page 5
    Ps:Hope you understand my English.
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    Wow , looks interesting Would be a cool transport oportunity in fantasy paintings *imagines "war-Falcarie" with red plate armour riden by some half naked amazonians*
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