[painter IX] digital watercolor + dropper problem

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    [painter IX] digital watercolor + dropper problem

    When i use the "new simple water" variant ( in digital watercolor ) and i want to drop the color, this color is darker !

    The only solution i have found is to put the "grain" to 100%; but i don't like the result :/

    Anyone has the same problem/ has a solution?

    thx in advance.

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    The Painter IX Digital Watercolor's New Simple Water variant, in its default state, paints with Opacity set to Pressure.

    If you're using the Dropper tool to pick color from a brushstroke, then painting a second brushstroke that isn't the same color, where in the first brushstroke are you clicking with the Dropper tool?

    How are you comparing the colors?

    Have you made any other setting adjustments to the New Simple Water variant?

    What Paper are you using when this color difference happens?

    Anything else you can tell us so we can duplicate the problem might help us to find a solution.

    The only difference I can see when the New Simple Water variant is first restored to its default settings, I paint a brushstroke, then move the Grain slider from 100% to 50% and paint another brushstroke is that the color will be different depending on the current Paper.

    Of course I only did a quick test. My hand pressure is probably different from yours... and my Brush Tracking is probably set differently from yours. There may also be other variables that have an effect on my test results being different from yours, if in fact they are.

    In either case, with Grain set to 100% or to 50%, when I picked color from the brushstrokes, filled selections with those two colors, then filled selection color matched the corresponding brushstroke color unless I picked color from the brushstroke where my hand pressure was lighter and the brushstroke color was also lighter.

    Demo of Effect on Color with Different Papers and Grain Settings


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    I'm not using version 9, but I have noticed in previous versions that sometimes the eye dropper didn't pick the color that I clicked on. My work around for that was to clone the image and flatten (drop layers) then pick the color there, or else just eyeball it.


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