I have found a fun roleplaying site..

'A lance of brilliant white energy scythes across the empty void before converging on its destined prey: a lone star cruiser which is sheared in half by the devastatingly powerful bombardment of charged ions. A blinding yellow sphere swallows the aft end of the star cruiser as the remaining half is destroyed in the ensuing detonation of the quad configuration of fusion reactors. Emerging from the planets night side, the source of the crippling barrage erupts into view; golden rays of the systems star dance across the onyx coloured surface of the kilometre long Battle Cruiser as it joins its brethren in preparation for Solar Conquest...

Solar Conquest takes place in the distant future, offering you to attain the position of supreme leader of one of many star empires that populate this diverse universe.. Join and take your rightful place in the circle of intrigue, espionage, diplomacy and galactic combat in this science fiction play-by-post epic RPG!'

I've created a 'solar nation' and intend to build up alot of concept art around it..it serves as a good project while being immersive and a build on writing skills. Give it a go, heres the link!