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    art & the net: your thoughts?


    What are your thoughts on our current digital culture, the internet, and the implication of these phenomena on us as artists?

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    hello, Id just like to say that this topic needs something a bit stronger to start on so ill bring up a few topics and see which one catches:

    firstly: digital art and ownership. The artist is being further and further removed from the 'authentic piece' to quote walter benjamin, with the revolution of industry. the photograph can be mass produced to no end, and the original means absolutely nothing. the same can be said of film and toys. now with the digital revolution there is no original at all, simply this ghost of a file, whose physicality only exists in the plastic and metal walls of your hard drive. This has many implications for the artist. first one can talk of ownership, and the surge that digital information has allowed for in the theft and disregard of the artist and the peice as a thing of their labor. people steal artists work and use it as mere signature with a complete lack of conscious thought of the artist.

    a second possible issue is this great potential of the explosion of art into everyday life. previously materials and space were necessary for the creation of art and in the act of production there was a waste and possible mess to account for. now with the digital image and programing all such items are a free and b without any kind of waste product. the file can be disposed of without the waste of precious paper and other martials. this has a greater potential than ever before for what might be considered the democratization of art into what is currently the middle class of the developed world. what therefore is the artists role in relationship to such a concept. is it the promulgation and support for such a movement, or perhaps resistance to such an ideal for the sake of the production of art remaining in the professional field.

    third and last possible arguement which i will give is more in relation to the initators question, what is the role of a digitial existence in the human condition. while it still remains a very small precentage of the world who has the opportunity for such a lifestyle, it is not a culture which will go away but rather flourish in the times to come. what is the significance of such a thing for humanity. there must be a certain level of disgrace and disappointment, atleast it seems so to me, that humanity might oneday have to hang up its wonderful human form and cease to exist in any physical capacity in the real world, ala matrix. such an expreme example is simply meant to emphasis the total lack of physical activity which is experienced by those who are invested heavily in the computer age. often their bodies go to waste, either to a lack of muscle if they are able to excesize some form of moderation and if not they will certainly come to some embonpoint. this also leads possible to an untempered emotional life in which excessive amounts of rage, useually dispensed in normal everyday physical activity are not dispensed with and therefore extravated in unmannerly ways over chatroom or in game talk. if not they can even come to some violence in the real world. these are real considerations for this culture, even is put a bit strongly in this paragraph. secondly to this issue, is the fact that the internet is a great forum of discussion which allows for people to (most often) advocate and argue their viewpoint and sometimes (rarely) have a sincere discussion of the topics at hand. of this i am a great supported but find myself dumbfounded at the lack of sincere discussion in which it is rare to see a change in viewpoint on either side. somehow the digitization of discussion castrates both sides arguement and both walk away unharmed. anyway, i think thats enough to start a conversation, hope this turns out to be a good one, as it is an interesting topic. enjoy all, i must get a paper written.

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