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Thread: Protoss glider

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    Protoss glider

    for the ones who likes to know useless information;
    • Its an aerial unit. Moves with a revolutionnal anti-matter gliding technique. Pilot controls four legs to obtain desired speed, angle.
    • Protoss are great soccer players.
    • Crippled warriors can, if they wish, be integrated to a Dragoon exoskeleton, or the one of a Glider.
    • The Protoss are one of three races in the game Starcraft, a worldwidly played game that knew large sucess.
    • I didn't forgot to remove the horizontal lines, its really a type of Zerg specie named the Mutalisks.

    Protoss glider
    a sketchbook that commited is owned by me. you will not fulfill your destiny by clicking it, but...maybe that it'll help you avoid brain cancer. hmm hmm..

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    Hmm, I don't see what horizontal lines you are referring to . . .

    I think the two legs on the left-hand side of the piece need to be separated from each other in space. They seem to be merging together, which tends to flatten the piece.

    I know this is just a sketch, but you could remember that for future drawings or if you plan to take it to a finish.


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    While sketches are good for designing concepts and getting the feel of pieces, if you want real critism for the form of your vreation (not just the drawing itself) you should draw it again on clean paper with good contrast. It's hard to distinguish the parts. The information is nice; the information that you said is "useless" is far from it. With large projects, this information can make the difference between pass and fail. Keep drawing!
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    I think the horizontal lines are the lines from lined notebook paper?

    Even on sketches, you really ought to work on decent paper - at least something w/out lines on it in case you do something you want to keep. I mean, why have to go thru the hassle of removing all those lines if it ends up being something you actually like?

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