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Thread: Freelance Illustrator/Concept artist available

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    Icon Freelance Illustrator/Concept artist available

    I'm a freelance illustrator/concept artist (published) usually in the Miniature games area, RPG's, CCG's.
    Sadly I'm fully booked for a while - but thanks for looking
    I don't have time to do non-paying jobs - sorry.
    Email me at


    Des Hanley

    ConQuest Miniatures stuff:
    Name:  ConquestWoodland.jpg
Views: 5818
Size:  135.0 KB

    CGHub Storyteller challenge:
    Name:  FirstMenintheMoon.jpg
Views: 3346
Size:  106.7 KB

    Weekly CHOW on CA (just for fun - its all about character design)

    Name:  Dragon_Egg.jpg
Views: 3397
Size:  178.2 KB
    Name:  Chow182_Venger.jpg
Views: 3567
Size:  143.6 KB

    Name:  chow181_Venger.jpg
Views: 3536
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    Name:  attachment-1.jpeg
Views: 4985
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    Name:  attachment.jpeg
Views: 5199
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    Name:  mer.jpg
Views: 4819
Size:  216.6 KB
    Name:  Chow139-Venger.jpg
Views: 4602
Size:  168.7 KB
    Name:  Venger_GreenKnight.jpeg
Views: 4507
Size:  216.8 KB
    Name:  DH_CHOW147-BabaYaga.jpg
Views: 4310
Size:  95.0 KB

    Avatars of War: Deathmatch arena.
    Name:  AoWDeathmatchArena.jpg
Views: 5666
Size:  306.8 KB

    Crocodile Games work:
    Name:  CG-ScenarioCover.jpg
Views: 5418
Size:  142.6 KBName:  CG-Xerxes.jpg
Views: 4910
Size:  75.9 KB
    Name:  CG-Spartans.jpg
Views: 5287
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    Name:  IceQueen_Croc_cover.jpg
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    Name:  Wargods.jpg
Views: 4988
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    Name:  Duelists.jpg
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    Name:  Ice-Queen.jpg
Views: 5089
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    Name:  Gold_Dragon.jpg
Views: 4718
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    Name:  Red_Dragon.jpg
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    Name:  k'zaan.jpg
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