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    harder? comics or storyboarding?


    in your experience, which is harder? Doing comics, or storyboarding?

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    i cant speak of experience. i just guess that both fields of art, if you want to be good at them, require dedication and lots of practice.

    for comics you often have to "develop" a style in order to become reknown for what you do. both comics and storyboards have a lots of similarities, but in storyboards the plot/message has to be delivered in a more compact way than in comics.. i guess

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    I would say comics, though I don't speak from experience either. Usually one comic page is about a full day's work. Which means you are probably spending an hour or two per panel. In storyboards, the emphasis I think is on clarity and flow, so less time is spent on details, and some aren't much more than stick figures.

    But like I said I have no real knowledge of storyboarding, and I'm sure there are attendant difficulties with them that I am unaware of. Dan Milligan or some of the other folks here could probably give a better idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sonofangron

    in your experience, which is harder? Doing comics, or storyboarding?
    I can only talk about storyboarding (advertising not film) and that it probably is a lot easier than comics. I guess doing feature film boards can be pretty exhausting because of the volume of work. But in any way, advertising boards make good money...

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    not from personal experience either, but I've got pals studying/working in both fields... and I'd say it depends on what you're good at, sure they're both sequential storytelling, but I don't think they are as related as people think....

    sure, comics are much harder to 'draw', and more time comsuming, but that's only because you've got to get things looking accurate because you are working on the frame of a finished product. You've got more luxury to make everything perfect... and you've only got a couple dozen pages, maybe 70-100 panels, a month. But, you've really got to be a designer on those pages, paying attention to panel flow, page composition, and etc.

    With storyboarding you've got hundreds and hundreds of drawings to do, only the prepro team will really be studying your work, and they needed them yesterday. They're going to get butchered to hell by the director... you've got to tell the story, follow the directors guidelines, you've got to be quick, efficient, and be a good camera man too... each drawing stands on it's own, because the order of them can and will get swapped around, tossed, redrawn, blahblhabblah...

    I'd think they'd both be pretty dang hard...

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    It depends on your experience and what kind of training you have. Personally I find storyboarding more accessible, thanks to the schooling I received. Doing comics is a lot harder since I don't know much about paneling and such.
    I firmly beleive that you can be at ease with anything as long as you train on it and learn.
    That said, what AeonfluxVienna said is true...

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