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Thread: Dream Eater, nothin' sweeter!

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    Dream Eater, nothin' sweeter!

    Here is my finished "Dream Eater" from this weeks "Creature Of the Week" challenge. It's actually my first finished piece of "concept art" so I thought I would post it here. Crits welcome.

    Dream Eater, nothin' sweeter!

    It's a insecty / lobster type thing that feeds on dreams and nightmares. A bit predictable I know, but I am here to learn and improve.
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    A great amalgam of disturbing features. I really like its appearance. It reminds me of a modernized take on the style of art used in the period of the Bayeux Tapestry. Like those illustrations in old manuals and bibles depicting various demons like Beelzebub, which your piece reminds me of. I remember an ink drawing showing a bloated figure made up of insect parts.

    I like the posture of your Dream Eater. Its limbs and wings are all spread out, kind of like an animal trying to intimidate. At the same time, there's a sort of lethargic feeling that I'm getting from the posture and its "face". Kind of like it has just enough energy to rear back and puff up.
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