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Thread: OPACITY Help...Please

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    OPACITY Help...Please

    Ok I have figured out my brush mystery, but What I would really like to know is what is best for starting...Dark to light? blocking in as Ryan Church does or just being creative and using whatever, what works best for you? I have seen many tutorials about this but..I would like to know about your choice...Which works best for you
    If I think of any other issues, oh wait what type of medium; oil, acrylic, chalk? which do you start with as well
    Im using IX on a Mac platform
    with a wacom intuos3 6x8
    Im lost, Im craving more knowledge
    Thanks again
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    I dont use painter but... this is how i start...
    I zoom out the canvas really small, smaller than a business card. and fill in the canvas with half tone color or darker by using paint bucket. and let my hand flow freely on canvas to block in roughly. it could be low rez at this point. When canvas is small, it is easier to see what is going on through out the canvas. main point of working small is to get overall design, value, composition, mood, and everything fast, not to focus on detail. and when things look ok, then I up rez it and zoom in to paint details.

    just one dumb idea from a dumb artist..
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    I always have to start with paper and pencil. I followed Carlos Huante's technique of glazing light colors over my pencil sketch and gradually build up opaque areas. Some people will lay down local flat colors and then model highlights and shadow.

    Also check out Chris Beatrice's CGTALK Article. He's a super nice guy that gave me some great pointers. He details in the article how to setup just a single brush to paint and blend. Here's the Link.

    Good Luck!
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