Art: Steampunk Space Kittens 4-way ThunderDome : Final Entries!
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Thread: Steampunk Space Kittens 4-way ThunderDome : Final Entries!

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    Steampunk Space Kittens 4-way ThunderDome : Final Entries!

    This was a thunderdome between Craig Houghton, Thebluepuppy, JAGrello, and Myself. The due date was last night, and Puppy and Craig were the only one to actually have theirs in on time. Ionic (Grello) and I posted ours sometime this morning. As this was the first thunderdome of it's type (in which we were involved) and seeing as how I made the thread in the first place, I figured our entries should be seen anyway. They were only a few hours late.

    You can find the challenge thread here. Long story short, we figured what with us all being relatively close in age, we wanted to start the process of shaking our newbie labels, as we approach college.

    Anyway, without any further rambling, here they are, in order of entry:

    Craig Houghton

    Quote Originally Posted by Craig Hougton (aka. Neomegilp)
    I tried to find a way to make "steampunk space kittens" actually work. Here's my entry (with 2 hours to spare ):

    Arrival of the Space Kittens

    Professor M and his assistant successfully managed to open a hole to another time and space, but they never expected kittens, armed space kittens.

    and a detail shot here

    -Craig H.
    Quote Originally Posted by thebluepuppy (aka Chad Yeatman)
    the sun had fallen down and the billboards were all eering....and the flags all dead at the top of the their poles... the buildings tumbled in on themselves.mothers clucthing babys..picked throught the rubble and pulled out their hair...the skyline was beutiful on fire... all twisting metal strecthing upwards..everything washed in a thin orange haze. it was like a daydream.. a was truly the end of days.........noone was really shore how it happened...or who set of the first was supposed to be no more.... it was supposed to be the end.... but it wasnt...

    Quote Originally Posted by JAGrello (aka. Ionic)

    first try... then final. I spent to much time on the detail and didn't notice the mistakes in the comp... so I just started over
    Quote Originally Posted by PaulGanguly
    alright kids.

    It's late, but here it is:

    Alright, the concept here was that there was something along the lines of a group of pilots named space kittens. This would be their commanding officer, I guess. I had another one started, but scrapped it for this one. I finished the whole thing tonight. Also, I wanted to be vague about the kitten aspect of the concept.


    It's DONE.

    Let's get started on the next one.
    You know the drill. There's a poll at the top of the thread.

    Good job everyone, and We'll get to work on the next one. Hopefully we can male this a bi-weekly event maybe?

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