For all the teens here who, like me, are motivated by seeing other's work who are near their age. Let's fight for our spot in the future, huh?

For a challenge, I was thinking of Illustrating in any way, traditional pen/ink, digital, or whatever. Maybe these circumstances could be changed later though. I would prefer the competitors to be at least 13, and no more than early 20. Like, if you turned 20 this year, I'd say you could still be in.

Anyways, the topic. I want to keep it very open, because alot of us have different tastes. I want to take some suggestions first, but if you are going to compete, be fair and suggest something you have had little to no experience with, so it's fair all around.

I was thinking something robotic, or with alot of detail. Or instead of a specific subject, a mood, for example, if the subject was (Modern) Gothic Chick, do some over stylized caricture of what society considers a modern gothic kid. Or you could have something dramatic,a nd blah blah blah. Screw it, let's get some suggestions, huh?