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    Tablet PC, Wacom, Digital Drawing Boards

    What do you guys use for your Digital Drawings?

    I'm looking for a Tablet PC, cause they are cool and they just are so convienient for Art-business-student-professional type.

    However, if the Tablet Pen doesn't do the pencil justice, and the surface blows, it's not worth my time and money.

    What Tablet PC's do you suggest, recommend. Secondly, Should I even buy a Tablet PC?

    I want a Tablet PC, for doing outside projects. I use reference, but only when working on serious projects. Most of my stuff is from my mind, and eloborated with life.

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    I think a tablet drawing pad would be better. The tablet pc cost more than 1000 dollars, and you can spent 300 to get a really good wacom intuos. The tablet pc may not perform as well, since painting programs consume lot of memory. and I dont even know how costy the upgrade for them are. Not to metnion it'd be a pain for you if the surface get scratched over time, and you drop it on the foor or something.
    And I doubt you can see the screen under sun light. Just imagine trying to look at any type of monitor in a bright room, and you'll realize it's not a good idea to use tablet pc outdoors.

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    yeah I'm not really feelin the first batch of tablet pc's..

    mainly it feels alittle disconnected, the point where the pen touches the screen
    and the actual display, theres some space there..

    AND from what i've seen, the drawing surface is not replaceable,
    which is absolute insanity if you ask me, it will get scratched to shit after a while.. why ruin your entire pc just cuz of one piece that should be easily replaceable?

    Seems to me like another shady ploy to make money by forcing people
    to replace their pc's every half year or so.

    I hope consumers teach them a lesson

    Also wacoms are tried and true, proven to work great,
    if it aint broke dont fix it.

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    well than

    wacom it is.

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