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    Has anyone seen Battle Royale?

    Japan at the dawn of a new millennium. The country is in a state of chaos, violence by rebellious teenagers in schools is completely out of control. The government hits back with a new law: Battle Royale. Every year a school class picked at random will be cast away on an abandoned island to fight it out amongst themselves. It lasts three days, everyone gets food, water and a weapon, ONLY ONE MAY SURVIVE.

    Veteran director Kinji Fukasaku is responsible for some of his country's best post-WWII yakuza films. Acknowledged by Quentin Tarantino and John Woo as a key influence, with BATTLE ROYALE Fuakasaku has added a contemporary, controversial and violent epic to his oeuvre. Fukasaku immediately identified with the teenagers from the popular novel by Takami Koshun which formed the basis for the film. At the age of 15 he was confronted with the death of his class mates during a bombing raid. The emotions that evoked the irrational hatred of the powers that had used such violence, have for him always been crucial.

    He changed the face of Japanese action cinema forever with Battles Without Honour and Humanity and its many offspring in the early seventies, but the last two decades Kinji Fukasaku's career increasingly became that of a journeyman director, albeit a very successful one. Now with Battle Royale, the film that shocked a nation with its violent portrayal of a future society where juvenile delinquency is eradicated by extreme means, the director is back doing what he does best. Even at 70 years old, Kinji Fukasaku continues to make films that shock, grab and disturb the viewer.

    The Story
    Long synopsis At dawn of the new millennium, the country is in a state of collapse.

    Unemployment stands at 15% with millions out of work. School violence is out of control and rebellious teenagers stage mass boycotts. The beleaguered government retaliates with Battle Royale.... Each year a randomly chosen class is pitted against itself on an abandoned island in a cruel game of survival.

    A boisterous group of 9th graders embarks on a school trip. A typical group of adolescents, they flirt, tease, bully and joke on the bus journey to their destination. Nanahara Shuya, shares cookies with his friends Nobu and Noriko on the way. On arrival, they awake from a drug-induced sleep, to find that they have been hijacked to fight this year's Battle Royale.

    A former teacher, Kitano (Beat Takeshi), will oversee the battle. Flanked by gun-toting soldiers, Kitano explains that each student has been fitted with a necklace that monitors their location. It can also explode on command. He casually murders Nobu to make the point.

    The rules of this game are simple:

    • It lasts three days

    • Each player starts out with food, water and a "weapon"

    • If more than one player survives, everyone dies

    • There is no escape

    As the roll call begins, one by one the kids grab backpacks and stumble away towards death or murder. As Noriko picks up her pack, Nanahara quietly urges her to wait for him. When they meet outside they barely have time to compare weapons before a classmate falls on them with a hatchet. In the struggle that follows, Nanahara inadvertently kills the boy. Confused and angry, Nanahara vows to protect Noriko, and to outwit his government's sick experiment by finding a way to survive with his friends.

    As the game progresses, terror and panic challenge the students' fragile trust in each other. Some suspect everyone, blindly striking down those who cross their paths. Others form alliances dreaming of a peaceful solution with multiple survivors. Against a tapestry of violence, hope and fear, Nanahara and Noriko begin to fall in love. Despite the game's brutality, the adolescent players maintain their school obsessions with crushes, petty grudges and their dreams. But as the game approaches its shocking final stages, even this semblance of normality disintegrates.

    The Class that is to play Battle Royale this year.
    Has anyone seen Battle Royale?

    The First Death
    Why won't women shut the **** up when you tell em to.
    She gets a knife in the head from her teacher because she doesnt quit whining and yapping. "I said NO WHISPERING!"

    Has anyone seen Battle Royale?

    The second of the films dead kids.
    This is when the guys collar explodes and rips out his throat.
    Has anyone seen Battle Royale?

    Hahahaha silly bitch.
    Has anyone seen Battle Royale?

    Overall the film is pretty ****ed up, lots of kids not much older than 14 slaughtering each other.

    How can that NOT be a laugh fest.


    If your old enough to see it, defiantly do.

    Tis a great flick to watch with friends and its generaly very entertaining.

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    this movie is amazing...i have bother versions of the film (theres one with a different ending and the basketball scene and a couple more here and there). i suggest everyone see this movie. everyone ive shown it to thinks its amazing. the director just recently passed away in the making of the sequel (or prequel) to the movie but his son is finishing up production.

    if youre interested in other great asian films you should see:
    shaolin soccer, samurai fiction, wild zero, versus, 2009 lost memories, space traverlers, dead or alive, ichi the killer...those are just a few.

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