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Thread: Jade Empire art

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    Jade Empire art

    I've been lurking around for years but havent been able to post much since nearly all of my art was created for videogames. (not to mention being busy busy & busy)
    So Jade Empire is finally coming out and I thought I'd share a few pieces I contributed. 1st off is a concept for what would be the equivalent of an asian pirate. Then a picture of the textured and finished in game model. I modeled this character from an existing "body blank" and then textured it.
    Obviously having to change some details from the concept to make it "game friendly".

    The other piece contains head ideas painted right ontop a screenshot of the ingame character's model. He is basically a evil wizard class. The last design was chosen. I then modeled up the head and painted the texture.

    The scan quality is alittle blah cuz of Photobuckets auto resize, anyways hope you enjoy.

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    Nice stuff. What is the poly count on the character? Do you have a wireframe view we can see.

    Really good stuff. I guess it has to be cuz its actualy in a game.

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    Thanx for the kinda words, I believe this character was around the 650-700 poly range. Unfortunately I didnt take any wire frame shots at the time.

    I went way overboard with that wizard guys head and eventually had to go back and chop alot of polys out.

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    Nice models. Maybe you will get more replys if you post in 3d thread.

    I think that face of the woman is great, but scatches are not so.
    You can also post bigger images.

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    What are you working in for the 3D?

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