Art: new sculpts geisha and head

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  1. new sculpts geisha and head

    the first is a head that I did for texturing practice, and the last set is of a pregnant geisha that I am currently working on. in the pics she doesn't have arms, I took them off to work on the robes

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    nie work you got going here!...just one thing...the geisha's face looks nothing like a womans face.......have the nose smaller and the eyes not as slanted..

    keep it up!

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    Love the folds in the robes - nice one.

    And the face - it sort of looks like an older evil woman's face - definitely the angled eyes theat make it look evil and the large (for an asian) hook - shaped nose that makes it look older. I think it is fine if you are going for that but if you want it to look younger/less evil, then I would straighten the angle of the eyes, reduce the nose size and make the cheek bones more prominent with the cheeks below more hollow. That is IF you weren't going for the older evil woman thing... No offense...


    Oh wait - had to add that I love the hair too - very well done! Also what did you use for eyes? I have been going nuts trying to find some ball bearings to use with no luck. Marbles might work but can't find the right size...

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    What material did you use?? If Sculpey, how did you achieve such great detail?? What is the size of it??


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  6. the material I used is chavant hard. the geisha is about 14" tall and the head is about 10" tall

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    Thanks for the reply Stone...I like both pieces very much....will you be casting the Giesha?? How is Chavant when casting?? Also...How do you post pics, because this site won't allow me to do so for some reason.....

    Thanks again and keep posting updates....Please!!!

    See ya!

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