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    Unhappy Why cheating is bad

    This is in regards to the posts made by WerxOne in the Mercenaries Speed Paint thread.

    Photo paintovers are a fine source of learning. I tried them myself once, and was shocked with the colors I came up with. Really made me learn about how rarely skin is actually "skin toned."

    However, please don't post these exercises as your own creations. You will eventually be found out. You will lose all credibility. If people actually know who you are, or you are foolish enough to actually put these in your portfolio, you risk being blacklisted from the industry.

    This forum is a tight community, as is the industry. Don't jump the gun; if you want it that bad, you'll get there under your own steam eventually.

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    I apologize, i should've said they were paint over studies, as i am still learning how to use painter, that said i will finish on the other thread.....

    i also didnt realize i was porducing professional work for a lesson forum. but it doesnt really matter, the real issue is that i did not intend to pass those paintings of as my own and certainly would never have tried to get a job with them.
    as far as jumping the gun to get into the industry ive been in the industry for a long time and do not need to get ahead, as i have proven myself a worthy artist many times, i think you could have asked if they were paint-overs and you would have received the answer you were looking for.

    again i apologize for my mistake i hope you all can forgive my laziness,
    "But you aint got no legs Lieutenant Dan."

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    Werx, if we've collectively jumped the gun then I apologize. But I mean, the way you were talking about them and accepting compliments on them like this:

    Originally posted by WerxOne

    thanks guys, ill try to do another one around lunch time,
    that one just seemed to flow
    And the fact that you posted them in your gallery on your website as well, also without mentioning they were paint overs, and that there was no other art on your site of similar quality (granted there's only one other pic to compare to)... it all points towards fallaciousness.

    It's the innate problem with the web, you know? You can't see who you're talking to; the only proof you have that people are who they say they are is through the consistency of their actions. Again, I apologize if this is simply a misunderstanding; but please try to be more careful in the future.
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    Tedsuo - What you said sums up my feelings about the subject.
    I didn't really care too much until I went to your(WerxOne) website and saw the images. That's what made me search for the other painted over photo and post it.

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