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Thread: OTIS or CCA

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    OTIS or CCA

    i've been accepted to Ringling, CCA, Otis and got waitlisted at Pratt.

    i kinda have to stay in California tho.. so i'm left with otis or CCA

    i'm going into the digital media program. but i eventually wanna major in film.. and i'll probably transfer to USC or Chapman after a year or two.

    where should i start off? CCA or Otis?

    at Otis you have to go through this foundation year. i dunno how i feel about that.
    there's a bigger film program at CCA. the film program in the digital media at Otis isn't that big i think.
    but if i'm gonna transfer to USC i should stay in LA for freshman year then huh?

    but living in San Francisco sounds cool.
    but in LA i have a super rich aunt who will spoil me to death and that'd be rad.

    any information about CCA and Otis?
    i need to make a decision ASAP and its driving me insane.

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    I don't know a thing about Otis. Never even heard of it.

    But, I did go to the summer program at CCA last summer. It's overall a good school, the dorms are high-tech, the sanfran design campus is awesome, and the oakland fine arts campus is beautiful and old. They have a lot of money and good facilities, but conversely, they're also expensive (total costs + living on campus are $37k/year).

    I knew one or two kids in the film prog. during the summer, but I get the impression that it's really not that big, at least in terms of number of students/teachers.

    I really don't know, though. I don't know what you're talking about though, like most schools CCA does have a foundation year, as I understand it, you take foundation (core, they call it) classes that are more related to your major, but you still have foundation stuff.

    For instance, I got into CCA for Industrial Design. If I end up going there, according to the course listings, I would be taking the following classes:

    First Year

    Basic Drawing
    Visual Dynamics 2D and 3D
    Core Elective: Color or 4D
    Design Drawing 1 and 2
    Modelmaking 1
    Portfolio Review A
    Humanities and Sciences

    So it's sort of a toss up between basic skills classes, liberal arts and major classes. I looked at the media listings, it's fairly similar. Not knowing anything about Otis though, that's the best I can give you. What's your financial aid situation with the two schools?

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    go to CCA! otis hasn't impressed me, i mean some of the students have, but not the school in general. just go to a school that is geared toward your ideal program. If it's film, then i would go to CCA over Otis... or how about Art Center as a main pick... sorry just got to represent! .... in the end it's all about you as an artist and how to work the school to match your needs as a student! -good luck and take care

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    otis is only good for fashion. for anything else...please, dont waste your time on it!

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