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    Smile Aiptek / Wacom with Painter 7

    Hey guys.

    Just wanted to ask is the aiptek tablet as good as wacom tablets , what are the trade off for getting inexpensive aiptek, and can aiptek work with painter 7?

    My second question is when I get painter7 do I also have to get the upgrade or is that included?

    Finally my third question is what type PC would support Painter 7 with or without Photoshop?

    Have a problem God is the answer.

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    I don't know anything about Aiptek, but if I did want to learn about their tablets, I'd probably contact the company as well as ask other artists as you've done.

    It's generally agreed that Wacom makes the best tablets and they vary in size, price, resolution, and levels of pressure sensitivity.

    The lower end Wacom tablets are the Graphires, higher end the Intuos tablets.

    Graphire's have 512 levels of pressure sensitivity (don't know what the resolution is).

    Intuos tablets have 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity (again, don't know what the resolution is).

    You can read the specifications at

    Call Corel Corporation at 1-800-772-6735 and follow the prompts to Procreate Painter Customer Service, then ask them if the Painter 7 Update is now included in new purchases of Painter 7. I think it is, but it's best to make sure.

    A lot of PC's support Painter 7 with Photoshop. The best places to ask, though, are on the following e-mail list and newsgroups as they have a large readership and you'll get a wider array of user experience:

    Painter list at

    Corel Painter Support Newsgroup
    Add Server:
    Subscribe to: corel.graphic_apps.painter



    The only real life example I can give you is my own PC which is old and not nearly as powerful as I'd like it to be:

    Pentium III
    500 mHz
    128 MB RAM
    20 GB hard drive with about 8.3 GB free
    NVIDIA RIVA TNT with 8 MB video RAM
    Samsung SyncMaster 191T LCD 19" Monitor (the only new thing I own.. yippee!)

    I currently have, among others, the following software apps installed...

    Painter 7.1.357
    Painter 6.1
    Painter 5.0.3
    Procreate Painter Classic 2
    Metacreations Painter Classic 1
    Photoshop 5.5
    Acrobat 4.0
    Fireworks 2.0
    MS Internet Explorer

    .. and frequently have two or three Painter versions all running at the same time or both Painter 7 and Photoshop running at the same time, along with being connected to the Net using either Netscape or MS IExplorer.

    It takes regular housekeeping, both general system and Painter, to keep things running smoothly and if I push it too far, I know I'll have trouble, but nothing insurmountable.

    Painter 7 is processor and memory intensive so if you're painting, especially with the more complex brush variants like Water Colors, Liquid Ink, and Impasto, and/or using a lot of Layers, it's probably a good idea not to have other programs running.

    Good luck,
    Please do not PM me with Painter questions. Instead, post them here where everyone can benefit from them. Thanks!

    Jinny Brown
    and The PainterFactory

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    Re: Aiptek / Wacom with Painter 7

    Originally posted by silicore designs
    Hey guys.

    Just wanted to ask is the aiptek tablet as good as wacom tablets , what are the trade off for getting inexpensive aiptek, and can aiptek work with painter 7?

    Click here for a review of the Aiptek Hyperpen 12000u as compared to an Intuos 2. I believe the Intuos 2 also has more levels of pressure sensitivity and supports stylus tilt. For the price though, it may be a good deal, although it would be advisable to e-mail the manufacturer first to ensure the latest versions of Painter and Photoshop are supported.

    Also check out the links in this thread


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    Thumbs up

    Thanks so much you guys really answered my questions.
    Have a problem God is the answer.

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