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    No one can be told what The Matrix is you have to see it for yourself.

    And soon you will, it's coming sooner than you think.

    It's the beginning of Strange Days....
    -Call me Semaj for short.

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    I read about this the other day. It's creepy, I'll grant you that, but the issue with so called intelegent machines and/or reality altering ones is that there exists no means whereby to operate them.

    Integrated carbon microcircuitry posesses within it's architecture the computational power of the human brain, per cubic centimeter of itself.

    However, there exists no process to fully engage this computational power, and further, the architecture itself is theoretical.

    It is believed, however, that as the human brain evolved on a biological level, the means whereby to operate it came seeimingly later. Therefore, it is only a matter of time that there will be a means whereby to operate this, whether created, or spontaneously manifested via moore's law of computational ability.

    HOWEVER, this is a case which discounts the intelligent design principle, which would dictate that psyches which rival the human intellect cannot be manifested ex nihilo. It is counter intuitive to imagine that a creation can exceed the intellect of the creator, given that at the present there exists no computer program which is utterly adaptable within an infinite set of conditions, as the human brain is.

    There's a whole lot more to this whole discussion, but I've already gotten far off topic.

    The fact remains that this is all extremely theoretical, but sony just beat any number of other companies to the punch by being able to say 'we thought of it first!'

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