Although we all love random snap shots and enjoy the pics others take, as well as our own, I don't think us amatures are challenged enough to take on assignments. I would like to see a monthly assignment go out to all of us amatures to see how well we do when asked to snap a shot of something specific, not random. If you're in then please join me in beginning a fun project that the "little fish" can swim to. Here are some guidelines.

1. On the last day of each month, no matter the day, your TWO montly assignments should be turned in. Meaning bi-weekly a new challenge will be given (every other Sunday).
2. On the last Sunday of the month you may turn in 4 shots of each category so pick your best! Example: On the last Sunday, 8 shots should be posted. Not 4 shots every two weeks.
3. When posting your shots, lable them "ASSIGNMENT [assigned date] [assigned title]" in the title space provided.
4. Send some categories my direction if you have some neat ideas and as they roll-in, I'll post them loud and clear so everyone knows a challenge has been tossed out. Ya don't have to play along but I thought a little work would be great practice.
5. I don't mind if the photos are photoshopped or doctored in any way. That's what makes them yours and unique!

Send your category suggestions to and I'll take is from there!

Look for a two week assignment due on the 24th, to be posted on the 10th.

Thanks for your support.