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    Introducing: Me!


    Hello everyone, Crux is the name. Well, not really, but it's a pretty good nickname for this here interweb, I thought. I'm not certain if this is the best way to introduce myself, but feel free to tell me otherwise - I'm mostly here to learn, y'know?

    Barring an unforeseen liver-failure or freak accident, I hope to turn 25 in May and professionally speaking, I'm an art-student from the Netherlands, leaning heavily towards the game-design elements that are offered in various projects. Currently, I'm working on a demo for an RPG - it's a very ambitious project and easily the most involving one I've been engaged with so far, but on the other hand, it's incredibly rewarding and just so much fun to work on. If all goes well (and granted, that's a big "if", but hey!) I should hope that the resulting demo will be enough to convince a developer to produce the game in its entirety - I've got so many ideas for this, it tends to keep me out of my sleep at times.

    While I consider my pencil-art to be one of my stronger suits, oddly enough I'm incredibly weak at applications such as Photoshop et al for the big finishers. The thing is, I do have Photoshop installed, but I just don't do enough with it. I usually just clean up my sketches on a lamp, and leave it at that; I'm currently working on perfecting my knowledge and implementation of human anatomy - muscle-structures, bone-structures, and shading (analog though; I suspect this will change when I get my hands on a tablet). I could happily live out the rest of my natural life without ever touching Photoshop, but I hope to develop some skills in the field nonetheless. On the other hand, I'm a huge fan of 3D Studio Max, and despite the fact that I've suffered through some set-backs with file-corruption and all-round bugginess, I massively enjoy working with the program. All the hands-on experience I have so far was through another school-project in which we were to made a mod for Unreal Tournament, and I really developed a taste for it. Max is definitely a friend of mine.

    Aaaanyway, there you have it; my first post. So, how goes?

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    ummm, just post your art. That's the best way to introduce yourself.
    Andrew Murray
    Concept Artist, Tencent Boston

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