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Thread: tablet question

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    xnku Guest

    tablet question

    i'm new to using a tablet, been using it for a few months now, but one thing that drives me insane is how the cursor is so shaky, even when your hand isn't moving at all.
    are tablets supposed to do this? it's distracting and i find it hard to be accurate.
    i have an intuos2.
    if this is a known problem, do any of you know how to make it stop shaking?

    thanks in advance. any help is appreciated

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    it may be either the driver, the connection to the pc or things of that nature... or you should try to rest your hand on the tablet as you draw. or call wacom.

    tip4all: if the smooth surface bothers you... go get some thick tracing paper and tape it over the tablet. i havent tried it myself but i read about that the other day...


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    If i'm right it is a usb version. It could be interfering with other usb appliances. Try disconnecting those. This way you can make sure this is causing the problem.

    Could also be interference from the monitor, speakers or a radio. Check the manual...It says what do you.. If you haven't tried it already
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    xnku Guest
    ah thanks much for the help.
    turned out that my second monitor was interfering with it. i turned it off and it's fine.

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    i had this problem too. screwed up a lot of paintings and almost put me off the whole thing, until i figured it out.
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