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A few of us over at the UK thread have decided to kick off a speed painting session tonight. Don't have much experience with it myself, but it should be fun.

Anyway, the session will last from 10pm GMT till 11.30 GMT. We're roughly five hours ahead of New York time, so for those of you in the States, you can work it out for yourself if it works for you. Anyone that wants to join in is welcome, it's not intended to be competitive for now, just provide a forum for a bit of fast painting and enjoying the things that's good for.

Also, we still need a referee to come up with the topic at 10pm so we can kick off. If anyone wants to volunteer a quick description ('mars attacks' or 'frog creature' or 'underwater city' or something of that length and openness is what we're after. Please let me know if you're keen - any pros lurking, feel free to throw in, it'd be cool.

Submissions will be due in this thread by 10.45pm.