Leading Bay Area game development studio is searching for the best and brightest game developers to share there vision of creating a new world of entertainment through the power of technology, imagination and innovation. As one of the game industry’s independent development houses, this studio focuses on creating high profile, triple-A quality titles across multiple platforms. Determined to create inventive, entertaining products which combine competitive technology with superior artistic content, this studio is also committed to equipping its employees with the best options possible, providing excellent salaries, bonuses, full benefits and relocation assistance if necessary.

Genre: FPS & High Profile Comic License
Platform: Current and Next Generation Console Hardware


• Software: Strong 3DMax or MAYA, and Photoshop
• Ideal Experience: Strong architecture or traditional art background, cinematography experience.

• Environmental Artists work with Art Director, Lead Artist, Designers and concept designs to create 3D interiors and exteriors for game projects with an emphasis on 3D modeling, texturing and lighting.
• The Environmental Artist works in tandem with the Designer; a joint creative and technical effort to build worlds from initial concept to a finished playable and polished form. While the Designer is ultimately responsible for the "fun factor", the Environmental Artist is responsible for the "look" and artistic integrity of the maps.
• With strong drawing, texturing, and lighting skills and an excellent sense of spatial relations and structural logic, they are responsible for creating visually stunning, atmospheric, effective and efficient 3D models of natural and architectural environments.
• Ability to conceptualize, present, and execute ideas within a schedule, while actively participating in technical and artistic problem solving.

If you are interested in this position, please submit your resume in Word format to:

Candace Walker