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Thread: Painter???

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    Question Painter???

    Hey I love computers and i love to draw....ive been drawing alot of fantasy type things (i.e. Ogres and goblins) i was hoping to go to art college and try to pursue concept art...(i love Forgotten Realms games and its concept art) how important would it be for me to start learning Painter and these other digital programs???
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    I don't think you should worry about using computer programs yet... instead you will save yourself a whole lot of if you just go and buy a sketchbook and a pencil and go outside and start drawing from life everyday.. take it to class with you, and draw your teachers, classmates, friends, dogs, cats, birds, scenery, benches, whatever.. just start drawing from life.. fill the pages up back and front cover to cover.. Also start thinking up charecters and concepts, draw those too.. feel free to let your imagination unfold on paper... then after you graduate high school, if you love doing this, go to art school.. in fact you can even sign up for art classes in high school, or at a local Junior College. Take life drawing classes there.

    If you really want to learn to paint.. don't get painter 7.. go and get the real McCoy.. Go buy paints.. start with acrylics or guache or watercolor, those are alot easier to use then oils right off the bat... If you enjoys those, then maybe try oils.. or sign up for a painting class. I guarantee if you learn to paint with the real deal, using painter 7 or photshop, or whatever, will be cake walk, and you will enjoy the programs 10 fold. Also you might think well I can get painter 7 on the internet for free and a wacom tablet is so inexpensive, and its cleaner an easier to use... Well, save yourself early and learn the hardway, you will have saved yourself alot in the long run.

    If you still think Im full of crap beleive me most would agree, and you still want to draw with Painter 7, and need a wacom tablet, dont get anything smaller then a 9x12...

    good luck to you,

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    I think I should start pianting, all am about sketching though.
    Perfect Kay

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