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    Illustrating the internet

    well no not really, however I did get an interesting option of illustrating for a research topic rather then writing a paper for it. The concept is the internet and its progression towards a global village with ideas by McLuhan being in there somewhere. If none of the last sentence makes sence to you ignore it, its there on the off chance that someone knows about this stuff.

    Anyway mostly i'm looking for crits at this point. More work will be done on the wires, the spine, the hair, and a wire pattern will be added over the planet.

    Thanks in advance

    Illustrating the internet

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    i had to click on this link just because of the cool title!

    Good concept. It reminds me of the kind of work you see in a New York illustrators marketing book.

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    Global village

    The global village means getting back to tribal lism.
    ever since the book has been invented we went into a closet to read.
    now with the internet and chatting once again we return to a tribal society
    connecting with one another as in the old days of arabs sitting around
    a camp fire telling stories.

    this feels more like derrick book on collective intelligence
    were the each individual is a cell in a body connecting to the body of
    the internet becoming part of the whole global society.

    great stuff.

    darrell bowman
    the mcluhan program in culture and technology
    Darrell Bowman
    Freelance render

    Blog This!

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    it would be neat if the wires were connected to the different countries.
    - Dan Dos Santos

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    yeah I like that idea. to return to a communal village lifestyle, while still retaining high levels of communication outside the actual village. That has all sorts of contrived connotations if you think about it...
    very interesting.
    Strange coincidence that every man whose skull has been opened had a brain.

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    I like the communalism idea too. Also a great concept. It would have been really cool if the wires connected to different countries and different opacities.

    I think its important to remember that communalism was wide spread in many nations in the world, including African, Asian, Native American etc. nations.

    I do enjoy seeing a return to this way of life, even if it is just virtual.

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