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    HELP !! Lower me into a mech suit.....

    Hey all...

    Im a student studying illustration and i REALLY wanna get into concept art for computer games as a profession. My gaming knowledge is pretty damn awesome from the Commodore 64 to today and i'd say i'm a pretty good artist, (i'll post some of my stuff) alot of drawings i've seen on here are totally amazing and I wonder why these people dont do concept art as a profession!

    Anyway my question.... I'm thinking about doing it freelance (if thats possible) in my second year to pay the damn bills! Then after that doing it as a profession....

    How on earth do it get into it!?! is it just a case of looking on the websites and sending them your work? or what? I have no idea......

    Cheers doods...


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    Best way is being seen and having contacts.

    To be seen, post (good) stuff on forums and hope someone sees it.

    Getting contacts usually takes time, like... years or a lifetime. Some people have an advantage by already knowing people. You can probably be pretty mediocre and still get good jobs cuz of contacs. I haven't gotten any contacts by mailing people. People usually mail me and if stuff is cool we might get some sort of ball rolling.

    Once you start getting to know people there's a chain reaction, because people you know might know more people, so you sorta know them too.
    Jamen jag tror att han skäms, och har gömt sig. Vårt universum det är en av dom otaliga spermasatser som Herren i sin självhärliga ensamhet har runkat fram för å besudla intet.

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    Prometheus is right about the networking --- it'll snowball, once you get networking -- those people know people -- then those people know poeple --- etc.

    It's all one big community.

    Other than that -- that old man colloquialism "Do good work, and good work will find you" has always been something to live by.

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