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Thread: Off-road truck

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    vudu Guest

    Off-road truck

    this is my first image post here... I was going to get a job in a game dev company as a concept artist (thought that my level as an artist was good coz I've just entered Architecture Academy I was WRONG )... so I started practicing in drawing and the image below is one of my exercises... may be you people could give me some piece of advice about it...

    -= skipped =-

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    *noticed 99 veiws Im 100* Figured it would be nice if you got some comments.

    The download for the picture is taking forever.. I don;t know if it is me.. or the size of the image.. or your host... That could be the reason for no Comments.

    *maybe try and get a new host or save the image for the web with photoshop* *or maybe its me*

    I don't really have any crits on it.. other than maybe take a more technical approach to drawing it...

    like use perspective points.. and perhaps choose another angle to draw it at...

    There is a good Tutorial in the Demo section by Scott..

    Keep it up man.. Lets see some more of your work!

    PS if you need another host I think there is some links in the Cool Links section if not.... Private Message me and I'll try and give you a hand...

    -Deth Jester
    "Live each day like you will die tommorow, and dream like you will live forever..."

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    took too long to d/l for me too!
    Lee Smith

    Sketchbook: Leevolution

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    vudu Guest
    yeah... the host is very slow even for me (I'm closer to it)... I'll probably find another today (difficult to find one free without popups and baner ads)... and 'll post another view...

    thanx for replies

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    heres a free one that i use and so do alot of others...

    its fairly fast... some slowtime during peak hours tho. no bandwidth limits(as far as i know) too.


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    vudu Guest
    thanx a lot for the link, chris, but I've already created an acount on other host... if problems still have place please write...

    so these are 2 imges

    Off-road truck

    Here's another view...

    Off-road truck

    Critics and comments are welcome

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    Glad to see you finally got the thing working. They look really good.

    Did you use normal pen for the first one? Not that i'm a wizard with markers but i think you should try it. Your work deserves it.

    If you did use markers try to use broader onse for the shadows. Now it looks a bit weird.

    Hope you'll post more
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    vudu Guest
    Usually I scan my pencil sketches, print 'em and do the outlines with roller-pen and then scan 'em again (don't have wacom yet)... The 1st one was made in that way. It is A4 so the lines look so skinny. The 2nd one is just a pencil sketch posterized in photoshop...

    yeah, my equipment needs an update for sure ... I am planing to make 2 views more (front 3/4 rear 3/4) and may be a 3d... so keep in touch. C&C

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