Hi Everyone! This board has been an incredible resource for me for a couple years now. The community is incredible as well as the work! I finally have a reason to post now : )

I recently accepted a position as a photographer for a local portrait studio. I have a little experience with Cameras as a Media Study Major at SUNY Buffalo, as well as a class I took in high school. But it is nothing in depth. I have the opportunity to be really creative at this job, whether it be with lighting, positioning or digital compositing.

I was hoping this thread could become a place for the theory and technique of great photography to be discussed. Similar to the stickied painting threads in other sections of ConceptArt.org.

I'm familiar with the rule of thirds, depth of field and tonal contrast, but nowhere near as much as I'd like to be. So what have you learned, either through education or experience, that makes a good photograph great? Do you have examples? Portraits, landscapes, structures, what differes between them?