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Thread: IRC Interviews

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    IRC Interviews

    Looking around CA, and in the spirit of crit week, I've decided to post some improptu interviews with budding artists on irc, and their ideas about the learning process. Here's what I have so far, hopefully more soon....
    oh, and the off topic banter will be cut out, and proper spelling added, for the sake of everyones sanity.

    If you have any suggestions about formatting, ideas for questions, or even your own interviews, feel free to post.

    Grooveholmes, Davi

    War: So grooveholmes, tell us about the importance of life drawing to your work.
    GH:It improves your speed, gives you more confidence with lines, makes you understand 3d form and space, makes you aware of negative space and how to use it to measure proportions
    War: how important do you think life drawing is to learning art?
    Davi: Ask yourself this: Craig Mullins, painting over 20 years, goes to life drawing often.
    GH: Yeah, it's something that you should always keep up with and keep fresh.
    Davi:It isn't needed but it helps so much.
    GH: Well, you wont find a single master that didnt draw from life.
    Davi: Ya

    War: Wouldn't you say a person just getting into art needs it?
    Davi: No. They need to refine other skills
    GH: yeah i kind of agree with that
    War: Such as?
    Davi: Shading...colors
    Davi: But if you are going to attempt to draw figures often...If you draw figures often without actual life drawing, you can get in the habit of bad things(like the feet I put on char's)
    Davi: War, I think your getting to the point where life drawing would be a big help.
    War: Okay.
    Davi: I've done some and it helped me alot.

    War: Do you think anatomy and figure drawing can be learned without life drawing?
    GH: To a limited extent
    War: Is lighting an important part of art for you?
    Davi: Um...without lighting it's just line. Even color uses lighting
    GH: Yeah

    For reference:
    Davi's COTD
    Waronmars's Sketchbook
    Grooveholmes' Sketchbook

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    hehe cool

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