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    Arrow If you please.

    Hi there.

    Nearing the end of school in London, I've reached a crossroads in my life. I want to get into the art industry (computer games design, character design, 3D, etc), but yet have had very little advice - and literally no good advice - on where to go/what to study/What to train in. I've researched a proverbial Smorgasbord of Art courses for several months (ranging from illustration and fine art, to new and untested courses such as computer games design), all to end up feeling only frustrated, confused and hungry.

    What I really, really could use is some advice from people from within the industry. Or anyone else who is embarking on higher education. Ideally, everyone who reads this post would take one minute of his or her time to input here.

    In a nutshell: If you could post your educational background (and preferably - how vital it was/is to you becoming the artist you are) it would be of unmeasurable help to me.

    ... Fingers crossed this post gets replies.
    Thank you.

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    First off, you are not the first person to post this question.. Yu should deffinitly look back through the thread for a similar question to yours... There is some very helpful advice..

    First off:

    I had no idea what I wanted to do after highschool.. I had the idea that I wanted to do something with computers and art.. possibly web design... So I went to a local state college. I have 1 semester left now.. I plan to go to an art school after I graduate. I have many regrets on not going to art school straight away.. But, it was regular college that allowed me to find my own path and figure out "the things I DON'T want to do.. Plus, in the past 4 years I have grown more as a person, and I owe alot of it to just going to higher education. In addition, I have met some of my best friends ever, almost my 2nd family.

    almost 2 years ago, I did as you are, and found a art forum online, and started asking questions, most people gave me lame advice, so I just went from webpage to webpage learning more about art.. I did tons of tutorials, bought a few anatomy books, and just practice alot... I found I really enjoyed it, and last fall I was lucky to get an internship at a computer game company in Souther California. It was prolly the best thing I have done in 5+ years. It gave me a whole new perspective on that community, and what it takes to thrive there.. IT IS NOT EASY!

    Dedication is a word that should go hand in hand with computer game companies.. You work long hours 12-14 hour days 5 to 6, sometime 7 day weeks... And you have rediculous deadlines, but somehow most of the time, everyone meets them... Somehow people think working at a game company would be fun, well it is.. but working at any organization where everyone is dedicated, and work rediculous hours has fun... Well maybe not lawyers.. but you can imagine..

    I think if you are unsure on what you want to do with art, and can't make a decision... your best bet is just to go to a local Junior College and take art classes.. see what you like doing, and post your work on this forum... Then ask people, what direction should I take with my art..? What areas would I fit best in.. etc... Once you get there you might change your mind all together, and end up loving Psycology or English or something...

    Or you could jump right into an art school, and find that the program you chose was for you... But if money is tight, check out JC's...

    Hope I could help.. sorry for the rambling.. maybe I got a little too indepth...

    Private Message me if you have anymore preticular questions.. or post them here for others to help with.. up to you..

    -Deth Jester
    "Live each day like you will die tommorow, and dream like you will live forever..."

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    jonny - help

    hi i'm jonny am only 15 but i know what i want to do in art i want to become a character designer for games but dont know were to start lookin after school im thinking of stayin on at school and doing art but the facilities arnt great what did you do and how did you get into your job?

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