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    Horde of warriors

    I'm stumped as to how the land should be done.

    It's a horde of Eldar fighting space marines, a wh40k player's inside joke

    Horde of warriors

    I used part of the background from this-
    Horde of warriors
    it's suppost to be similiar to that in appearance

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    Please don't use a background from another pic, no matter what your skills as an artist are, it's really looked down upon. I find the concept of the image interesting, but it looks very rushed. I would suggest drawing from life more, it will greatly improve your ability of fantasy drawing

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    I agree, its is probably best if you dont use someone else's background. It would be alright to go for the same kind of "feel" and paint it yourself. The background as it is now doesnt feel very coherent with the rest of the picture because its not very unified in terms of color, lighting,etc. with all the guys in the foreground. The guys in the foreground look like they don't really have any lighting on them at all. It looks mostly like just the local values/colors. Get some light going on in there, and make sure its affecting everything in the scene. Life drawing will help you a lot with that. I do the same thing you did sometimes and draw all the foreground stuff and then I'm like "OH Crap it would be awesome with a background", but then its a pain because you have to go back and make sure you dont paint into all the stuff you've already drawn and it could get pretty messy. Usually its best if you think of those things early on so that doesnt happen to ya. Hope this is of some help, good luck man.
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    Only use your own stuff. Nobody's going to respect you if you use other peoples' even if you tell us (if you don't, and people find out, they'll HANG you).

    I think the biggest thing here would be to enforce the variation of line widths. All of your lines here are exactly the same. Try making more important ones thicker and detail lines thinner. It'll make it way more interesting and easily read.

    And... shading. Any kind of shading would be better here than what you have. Now it just looks like blobs of colour. It's very chaotic and difficult to see what's going on.

    You have an interesting idea here. It just needs some better thought going into the execution.
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    Less is more

    This would look SO much better without the background and colors. Just as linework it has a certain cartoony charm. All the bells and whistles just scream "I've got a computer and I'm not afraid to use it!"

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    I like the guy sitting on the others shoulders.

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