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    Question Kids

    My niece is 6 years old and coupled with a great sensitivity, she´s starting to show some promising signs of creativity in her drawings.

    Short of giving her watercolors, pencils, crayons and sheets, I have NO idea of what to do to put her in the right track. I´m terrified of doing something horribly wrong and turning her off from her artistic side entirelly.
    What do you recommend as the course of action to help her discover the world of arts?
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    put her into a fun art school, I went to an animation school when I was around ten(ish, I can't really remember the exact age), and had a blast.

    But that could back fire as well if the teachers junk and the schools to strict..
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    Let her watch cartoons to her little hearts content...
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    I just started teaching an art class for 2 of my cousins who are homeschooled by their parents. Part of the philosophy behind the homeschooling they're doing is that lesson plans revolve around the interests of the kids...ever changing to accomodate the goals that they want to pursue.
    I don't think you can really put her on the right track at all....she's already there it would can just give her encouragement and tools that she can use to travel the path with greater ease.

    Whatever she's interested in besides art can help keep her interested too. There's art to everything....other interests can seep into our art as subject matter, but also art can seep into our other interests....when I dish up a plate of food, I subconscously pay great attention to the composition on my plate.

    Like Wayne Gretzky once said...."creativity and imagination can't be taught, only fostered". Your attitude and the positive energy of the environment she's in will have the greatest effect on that.

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    Encouragement keeps me swimming , even in the undertow of disappointment.
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