NEW! Painting the Head in Alla Prima class at LAFIG taught by Tony Pro

This class's emphasis will be on various techniques of alla prima painting used to create the most difficult form of the human body- the head. The study of the human head is the ground for all painting as a whole. The need for a sound structure and a likeness are crucial for a successful painting. This class will focus on an academic method that I practice based off of my studies of Sargent, Zorn and many other turn of the century painters.

I will focus on each individual students needs and push the student above and beyond their expectations by giving the student honest critiques and a solid course of study. This class is for the SERIOUS painter who wants to learn how to paint the human head... in the class you will hear what you are doing wrong as opposed to what you are doing right. This class is NOT for the faint of heart and NOT for the hobbiest. I dare you to take this class.....

Thursdays 7-10pm, starting March 17th....

Be there if you want to learn.

For more info, please contact the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art at:

or call: 818-793-5063