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    Repair Wacom Scratches

    I've got a couple really small nicks on my tablet. You can't even feel them with your fingertip but the pen picks them up. If you go over it with your fingernail you can feel them too. I can't remember where I saw it but someone said they filled their scratches with something and it was better. Any thoughts?

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    I think you can use that stuff they polish bowling balls with.

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    If your talking about nicks in the clear plastic sheet that goes over the tablet you can just cut it off and replace it with a new sheet. I've done it, it works better than just filling the nicks.

    The stuff to use is called Mylar or another would be a thick acetate. Not sure how to spell it, but you can get either at any place that supplies screen printing and sign shops.
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    You can just buy a new plastic sheet. You pull the old one off (no need to cut) and stick the new one on (it has a strip of sticky stuff on the top edge on the back).
    If you have an Intuos, go here to see what's available (though the larger the size, the more expensive they get).

    I think this would be a lot less hassle. Trying to fill in the nicks might just be messy and not give you good results.


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