Inkarnation's misplaced sketchbook(MODS:MOVE THIS TO SKETCHBOOK FORUM!!!)UPDATE 3/24

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    Wasp Inkarnation's misplaced sketchbook(MODS:MOVE THIS TO SKETCHBOOK FORUM!!!)UPDATE 3/24

    Hello there, folks. Thought I'd give this a try finally(well, I haven't been around here for so long, so "finally" might be an overstatement). I probably wont be able to update daily, but I'll do it as often as time and priority allows me.
    Below is a tiny selection of my daily productions. Not all of it is particularly "sketchy" in style, but I guess that's just the way I work, and this selection should offer a glimpse into the variety(or lack of such) of my pencil sketches. I couldn't bother to dig through all of the sketch material I have lying around my place, so it's quite possible I've missed something more worthy of being here than some of the stuff I present below. But anyway, that doesn't matter, since this isn't so much about quality to begin with, rather about improvement along the way, if I've caught the point?
    Suggestions, c & c are welcomed of course.

    Quick reference sketches from life, books and pics(the lonely dude is from real life, the other stuff from books):

    From my mind:
    (These three are actually based upon the general proportions of 2-5 minute croquis sketches I have drawn from life, but the final design itself is the work of my imagination: )

    Totally abstract:

    Finally, this is my take on one of Marko Djurdjevic's sketches, done from memory. Quite a laugh compared to the original I guess:

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