My name is David Henley and i work at BFS (Big Foot Studios) and we are currently looking for concept artists to work voluntary with possible chance of payment at a later stage, work will be on a computer game set in the near future around the time of 2050. More info will be given if you apply for the job but expect to be drawing machines, cyborgs, futuristic weapondary, enviroments , clothing ect ect.

This will great opportunity for beginning and aspiring artists with a high chance of success and a chance of your name will be well known in the industry that is game designing.

You can conatct me on email (truehenster@gmail.com) msn (truehenster@gmail.com) or skype (truehenster) at anytime. If you do choose to email me i will need your name, contact info, any experience or past jobs related to concept art or game design, age, sex and hours you intend to work.

We at BFS look foward to hearing form you.

~ David Henley