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Thread: Noob, Perspective Lines

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    Noob, Perspective Lines

    Hi, sorry to ask a noob question, but this has been bugging me for years.

    When drawing Perspective I have always come out of vanashing points. But this oftern either leaves my drawings very distorted or small (as I can't fit the dots on the page etc)

    Is there any techniques to doing perspective lines and working out perspective from vanashing points that are too far away to be actually drawn?
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    Estimate your most basic form in perspective. Hopefully a cube or rectangular prism. Use it's edges to make vanishing lines. Once you have one simple object in the scene with it's perspective set you can use it to determine the perspective of other objects in the scene. If you draw an x through the corners of any plane you get it's mid point. You can use these x's to divide both vertically and horizontally. Some trace may help to do contruction lines so that they're not all over your drawing.

    I have an architectural background and although I only did a few perspectives in school and haven't done one without 3d software since, I find this to be faster and easier than elaborate construction of accurate perspectives with projection planes, height lines, vanishing points, and large sheets of paper and long T squares.
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