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    questions concerning colour theory

    first of all i want to thank all the helping and supporting people here at CA, i especially like the lifepainting thread, great works and great critiques and explanations. (thank you ron. )

    some questions on colour, light and shadow. (refering to some of ron's and drdarrow's explanations in the life painting thread)
    i summed up some of their statements, they might be wrong due to my lack of understanding, but here it is

    1.We have yellow and therefore warm light (warm is an relative term, therefore the colour of the object has to be cooler than yellow to make yellow an warm colour?Only the colour of the object, or depends it one the warmth of the colours in the whole painting?) means you'll get an cold highlight and a cold purple shadow.
    Why a cold highlight? If my lightsource is cad yellow (warm), why i have to mix it down to an cooler yellow ochre to get an approciate highlight? Why does the highlight get cooler?

    2.Mixing the appropriate colour of a shadow or a highlight.
    The colour of the shadow depends on so many factors: colour of the light (colour of the shadow will be its opposite), temperature of the light, root-colour of the surface it's falling on, if it's outdoor colour of the sky (and even the colour of the object casting it, because of its reflective light.) is it right that shadows also can become less saturated? (=adding more neutral grey, or is it always mixing a grey darker in value into the original colour?

    Same for the colour of the highlight, will you get an appropriate colour if you mix down the colour of the object with the colour of the light source.

    Is it really that complex? Imagining that you need to have in mind all these factors (colours) by mixing one particuliar shadow colour, you'll probaly end up in a muddy grey or something like that, because of all that colour are there factors that are more relevant than others?

    Hm, i stop here, i've several more questions, but im afraid nobody is going to answer them, because at times it seems very weird to answer the same issues again and again.
    But i have to say that i've already learned alot by reading the same explanations again and again, evertime i know a little more, i have a little more to proceed/paint on.

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