Nintendo Revolution: rumors / speculation thread
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Thread: Nintendo Revolution: rumors / speculation thread

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    Nintendo Revolution: rumors / speculation thread

    Untill E3 I'll do my best to post whatever info I can dig up on Nintendo's next console... biggest industry flop, or new industry standard ... we'll have to wait 'till E3 to find out for sure...
    All is rumors and speculation currently:

    ***--- controller to break tradition by not including A or B buttons or a D-pad.

    ***--- console will represent a "paradigm shift." / if too complicated it could alienate players / monitor hook up

    ***--- IGN commentary:
    And then there is the great unknown: the Nintendo Revolution. This is the Nintendo-given codename for the successor to GameCube, which is slated for release in 2006; it will go toe-to-toe with Sony's forthcoming PlayStation 3 console. (Incidentally, Microsoft will allegedly launch the follow-up to Xbox sometime this holiday season.) We've read all sorts of mistranslated comments about the machine and we've also spoken with development studios that are only just starting to learn about its technical capabilities.

    Frankly, there's not much to say, except that it's going to be different from just about anything Nintendo has done before -- so original, in fact, that it may buck the designs of current consoles in favor of a whole new gameplay dynamic. Sounds, uh, revolutionary. I'm still not sure what to think of the machine, and I'm sure most of you feel the same way. But 2005 is a very important year in this regard because in just four months Nintendo will tell us its vision for the console. It could be the greatest thing ever. Or maybe not. But at least we'll finally know. I have to say that as a longtime Nintendo fan, I'm pretty excited.
    ***--- From some character on the Nintendopower forums, he apparently was correct about many of the DS' stats before it was unveiled...

    There has been a TON of speculation on Nintendo's upcoming console but little is actually known about it. There are so many different ideas that no one really knows what to think. So here are some supposed "facts" about the Revolution. I can't reveal my source because I've been asked not to. Sorry guys. I would say that this info has at least a 65% chance of being accurate. My source has been right before and he's also been wrong. Here goes......

    Ok first things first. Yes, Nintendo will utilize gyros in it's controllers. I think most people pretty much already took this as fact. Also, the Rev will indeed have dual processors. Also broadband is built in, no modem to buy. Nintendo has an online strategy in development. It will be implemented on the DS first. There are no current plans to connect the DS and the Rev....the GB Evolution on the other hand......

    The Rev will have four controller ports. It will have a hard drive which will be used in much the same way as the 64DD was supposed to be used. Things like Dolby Digital 5.1 and high def monitor support are included. There is no type of virtual reality or any kind of headset planned. It is backwards compatible with Gamecube games. It will use the HD-DVD format and not Sony's Blu-Ray. Controllers are not wireless, but wireless controllers are planned. It will launch with an unnamed Mario game and work on Zelda has already begun. Super Smash Brothers is in mid development and will be a launch title.

    Ok so what's the Revolutionary part? That's what you all want to know. Well my source wouldn't tell me. He said it would get him into too much trouble, and could give Sony and Microsoft an advantage at this stage in the game. But he did say this; "if you think too hard you'll never guess what it is. It's nothing "new" technically speaking. It's just something that hasn't really been applied to video games yet."

    He then said "touching is good but feeling is better". What exactly that means I have no idea. Some sort of force feedback device? We already have rumble packs.
    ***--- Not to confident in the source, being that I can't read it... but this circulated on the gaming-age forums:
    - Name of machine is "Nintendo 21"
    - planned for release at end of 2005
    - medium is 2-sided 8cm disc, 5.4GB capacity, in a shellcase
    - includes "Home Game function" which uses IEEE protocol to locate and communicate with other Nintendo 21s in the vicinity
    - "Home Game function" is free, connect the AC adaptor and the machine talks to nearby Nintendo 21s and "Nintendo Home"s (? could be Form instead of Home - katakana is vague). Save data is stored on the main unit and affects other machines over the network.
    - "Nintendo Home" machine is like a base station that will be put in many places and uses the PHS network for communication (popular mobile phone network). Will connect to handheld game machines and supports "Home Game function", also sends latest info from Nintendo.
    - "Nintendo Home" is being jointly developed with Kyosera.
    - controller is like GC controller but "rubbing" is possible - e.g. you can control movement in a game by rubbing the controller/buttons. Also the controller has a slot.
    - The whole controller is pressure sensitive. So rubbing can be done with the buttons or via grip.
    - Digital outputs included

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