Religion and Politics. (another religion thread)

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    Religion and Politics. (another religion thread)

    Religion and science are very close but very different things, depending on how you see it. Some religious activities can be scientifically explained without invoking the name of the big guy, while some scientific researches are attributed to religious curiosity.

    On a whole different ball game, what do you guys think about Religion and Politics? How some nations are strictly secular but have a growing amount of religious folks trying to push for implementing of religious laws. Or what about governments that are made up of religious leaders.

    No restrictions on the scope of discussion, time span can be from present day to whatever ancient civilisations you guys can think of.

    To me, both are systems of keep the sheep safe in its pen and to tow the line so the ones with power....or those who percieve themselves to have power....can continue living the type of life they want. Of course we can't do without em.....both have guidelines for the society as a whole and it'll be chaotic if everyone just did what they pleased without pressure.

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    Religion is preposterous!
    Many have died innocently under the name of religion.
    Religion is another cuase of war and genocide!
    Religion is a system to control the populace!

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