Alright, so let me introduce myself. I'm the guy whose name you can read over there, and I have just registered here in the hopes of becoming a better artist. How about some background info, yes? I'm a senior in high school who dropped the AP art courses this time last year because they didn't seem to be worth the time, and instead opted to teach myself. I got an anatomy book this past quarter, An Atlas of Anatomy for Artists by Fritz Schider, and have since come to believe that touching an anatomy book with your bare skin causes you to become a better sketcher. I began a webcomic last November to force myself to draw regularly, and all my artistic efforts at this point are made with the end goal of increasing the quality of my comic. I posted on GaiaOnline for awhile, and just quit, like yesterday, because I wanted to be involved in a more challenging online art community. I Google "art forums" and this is the first hit. I click, I look, I am impressed and register. Redlines of figure drawings that are that indepth in that one thread? This place is for me.

My aspirations? Manage to get some art education out of my upcoming stint at Baylor University, then make a hardcore art school. After that...make it as an artist in the real world, whether it be as a penciller for a big-name comic book publisher, a concept artist for movies or video games, or even just a guy capitalizing on the growing business opportunities of webcomics, as I've seen some do.

Anyway, pleased to meet you all; I hope to enjoy my time here, and, most importantly, to learn.

-SJ Bennighof