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Thread: Pondering Head Construction

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    Pondering Head Construction

    Well, I have went back to basics. I have never developed my *own* way of contructing the human figure. I think this is a mistake so I have went back to beating the books and looking at all the different ways of doing things.

    I have nailed my proportions from the front view. I have a good system that is working well...however as soon as I want to *tilt* or *angle* the head...all is lost! Game OVER MAN!

    As frustrating as this is I am staying calm and requesting the help of my fellow artists. So, tell me...what is YOUR way or, at least, what way do you use to constrcut the human head (including all the features here) in perspective?
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    nice question - nice problem
    i really know that prob -.-

    before u can rotate and tilt ur head.. u need to know its shape .. its volume.. its faatness .. to do that u need lotsa studies from diffrent head orientations.. check my signature... how many drawings u need to get one 3D object
    i think.. more ppeebs have problems like that..

    how i .. : analsysis ::: profile and front view.. both views have hidden perspective information for u.. ur job is ::: reveal them

    when u draw head from front.. it allready has its orientation in space
    i studied front and profile view.. i checked how to draw each line and what kinda angle i need to connect these lines.. 90 degree 45 degree.. from 0 to 180.. i change one angle .. i change 1: my objects shape or both or : 2 the orientation .. which is what u want

    draw a head from front.. and now rotate it to left or right.. the lines stay same in dependence to ur head.. because .. its stays the same head when u rotate but each line is orientated diffrent.. draw ur front head and look at it.. now : rotate ur paper sheet :> now rotate ur paper sheep back and try draw ur rotate head.. u can rotate ur head on 3 axis.. i took 2 for learning then i combined all 3
    profile view : to get ur forehead nose lips mouth chin jaw correct : analysis ! :: check the lines and angles to understand the profiles orientation
    when the head should look above.. just rotate ur paper sheep.. and see how ur profile lines change.. the angle changes same when the head look down..

    u need to be aware of foreshortening ! when ever u draw.. u need to know how much ur lines are foreshortened.. when u draw head from front.. u have lotsa foreshortened lines ! same when draw from profile... to understand foreshortening.. take more orientations..
    front head is 0 degree orient
    profile head is 90 degree orient.. do u understand ?
    try draw 45degree orient.. take some orientations and try to draw them.. keep in mind to only rotate on one axis first *

    in dependence.. the jaw bone always stays same it just get foreshortened when u rotet ur head same with other lines..
    some lines are foreshortened from front and profile view.. then u only see them in full lenght from other views like.. 45 orient or 60.. whatever

    u tried that with cubes first.. then u started to draw head like complex cubes.. cube is 1 cube.. a cube head is are 100cubes or so.. cubical setup.. no couves or smooth lines just straight

    foreshortening is reallly important.. otherwise.. u cant draw all face parts with correct foreshortened lines.. = result : twisted perspective

    when u draw one simple line... which is equal to all lines u find when u draw a head... is full view 0 degree orient -> _________ <-
    rotate that line until u have 90 degree orient.. it will look like -> .
    between these orientations u have 88 others... when u draw.. in distance.. u just draw lines shorter.. or should i say : u draw ur lines fore-shortened ?


    ::: check the profile idle orientation
    ::: rotate the idle orientation * head profile look down or top..
    ::: check front idle orientation
    ::: rotate front idle orient * head will look to right or left * rotate ur head about 89 degree and u get profile view*

    combine both views !

    next step : when u know how to draw front and profile.. let ur profile look up.. and then set ur front view to the same orient as the profile.. the head should look up too.. like.. when u rotate that head now.. u get ur up looking profile head shape ! *costs some time to understand*

    to change the orientation.. u just change the lenght of ur lines.. some geting longer others getting shorter * they get foreshortened*
    i used the jaw line bone to measure my idle orientations!!!

    u can tilt rotate and look up or down.. 3 axis ... combination of all is the goal which is 3D ;>

    check my sketchbook tutorial.. this should give u some basics idead about how to proceed.. or pm me or request in my sketchbook.. ill help u then

    *spends help if needed.. just pm me or something *
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    i'm currently experiencing the same problem
    i found the loomis "ball and plane" method useful. bridgman constructs the head from a block but i dont find this the best method.
    anyways, to really understand you have to have a solid foundation of the skull and its bones. then you should learn face muscles (just learn what you think is necessary. it's okay to leave out some fine muscles at first. tho they are necessary for a profound knowledge). when you know all about the skull and muscles its easy to put in the features like eyes, ears, nose, mouth. another important point is the interlocking of the head into the neck. i'm having serious trouble with this point but kchen's figure drawing thread maybe helps you out there.
    but most importantly: practice. every free minute if you can (and of course want) because without practice you wont get anywhere.
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