Thanks for reading anyone who is interested. Im still currently working on a 3d comic entiteled Dark Fantasy, and Im seeking the assistance of a talented 2d digital painter. There will be a large number of backgrounds, effects, and more that need painted. The material content of the comic is quite realistic, Final Fantasy film quality, so I need someone who can paint detailed high end. If anyone is interested contact me via my email, This comic is going to be pitched to several large publishers later this year. I have already sent them some teaser images and a quick breakdown of the story and many are interested. So with that said, this comic will most likely become a paying gig this year. So im looking for a partner that I can depend on, is willing to put in the time to see this come together. If your interested contact me, I will gladly give u a brief breakdown of the story, and review your work. Hope to hear from you guys.