Sketchbook: Dizon's Doodlin'
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Thread: Dizon's Doodlin'

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    #246; Yea that's exactly the thing; practice until it's no longer a happy accident!
    Afraid I don't have any good hand reference. Bridgman covers it quite well though. And this link has a couple of 3d hands which you can rotate in space.

    Really sucks what happened with your PSD! I usually save the jpegs at 'normal' size, and then resize the images in Irfanview. Think your way is faster though.
    Great we're picking up the group project again! I really feel hyped about it. I liked your previous character sketches for defining the character. Great to see some more complex clothing now. I'm also having major difficulties with clothing. I usually draw a naked figure, then start with clothing on a new layer. And then think carefully about the clothes functionality, and which/where body parts 'support' the clothing.
    Always enjoying the asymmetrical concepts. Perhaps you should balance it more? Armoured arm on the right, more detailed clothing on the left. Now its all on the right. Like the style and concepting though. Nice to see your work process.

    #260; Real nice.. Especially this one has a very 'sculpted' feel. Arm holding the club could use some perspective - unsure if it's receding in space, or on just one plane.

    #262, #264; Nice armour designs. Legs/boots look uncomfortable. As if they obstruct the knees. They look stiff like peg legs.

    General remark on painting armour/heavy clothing; It's always lying on top of the body, so the body will look bigger. I think a common pitfall is painting the armour right on the body, which results in (relatively) small heads. While in fact the armour is where the problem is at. Something I figured out a while ago, remembered because I saw that crit by zou. I think it applies to your latest 2 armoured guys, just imagine them without the gear and they'll get fairly skinny.

    Last character is great. Slick design, great values on the head.
    Arms could use some more shape and the horns could use some more 'free space'. Else it feels cropped and crammed in there.

    I realize my comments are always stacked with criticism, but honestly. You are kicking ass.

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