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    First post - cityscape concept painting

    Hello everyone. Finally decided to post after visiting here for some time. Here is a concept painting of mine that I've been working on and off for a little more than 2 weeks. It's been some time since I worked on a project this scale with a tablet. Working resolution was 4000x2250 in Photoshop 7. I'm still adjusting to the tablet and finding my own style and process. Criticism and suggestions for the future are welcome. Thanks for looking.

    First post - cityscape concept painting

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    Great looking rendering. My only concern is the highlight you've got around the edge of the tower. I'd almost try to break it up a little bit. It almost looks too uniform. I'd have some breaks in it to show some architectural details in front of it for depth. Also with the rows of barrack housing you've got to the left of the illustration, I might make the ones closer to us a little bit longer visually just to exaggerate the depth & perspective a bit.

    Beyond those little nitpicks I think the painting overall rocks & works!

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    looks like sunrise to me

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    What an orderly city. I like the dramatic lighting you've used.
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    Y'know what? It looks kinda dead to me. Kinda screams for some foreground object a third of the way in from the left to turn it from an abandoned city with the lighs on into a real place where somebody lives. The typical thing would be some kind of flying thing as a silhouette.

    And how about varying the lights in the buildings? Turn some more off, make the patterns of off and on more random, and maybe have some be a different colour. They also all seem to be the same exact colour, unless I'm mistaken. To show that they're receding into the distance better, you might want to desatturate them gradually. Try colour picking those lights with the wand (contiguity off) and then maybe on another layer, with the same selection, do circular gradient fill with a slightly warmer colour at the outside, and a cooler one at the centre, which should be on the horizon line. Make the colour range more extreme than you want, then play with the opacity of the layer to see how you go.

    Once you've done that, you'll probably want to desatturate the city as it moves back as well - the central detail should be a lot more grey and paler to show atmosphere. There's a bit of a cliff-type thing just below the central city bit which is blacker than just about anything else in the picture. Knock that back a bit, as it's jumping out a little.

    And how about some smoke or steam coming out of some of the chimneys or something to add life?

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