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    A failed attempt

    I was at work and I was very bored so I started drawing this terrible thing...

    You can't even really tell what is going on...its actually me asleep on a conveyer with some elaborate dream sequence going on up in the top left, meanwhilst a chemical fire has started on the bottom made my boss laugh...but anyway...

    A failed attempt

    So yeah I thought it was pretty neat...rather I spent alot of time on it..and it had a lot of I decided it would be worth my time to color it ...

    I started out really loose with the airbrush tool (photoshop) so alot of it is really runny looking and not quite "in the lines". then I tried to add light qualities and all that good stuff..but I think I just went overboard and crazy and what have you...

    it's meant to be funny so I TRIED to be as over the top as I could with the coloring, but something about this picture doesnt look right (besides the fact that all the equipment in the scene is 2d).

    A failed attempt

    so yeah anyway heres a close up of the dream since you can't really tell what is going on on the small version.

    A failed attempt

    anyway tell me what you think...

    Keep in mind I drew this with one of those BiC 4000 for a 1$ pens, and it was on a sheet of copy paper. Do you have any idea how hard it is to make small lines with one of those fucking things??

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    great story,
    maybe what's bothering you is the horizon line rising up to the right.

    As well, if you push the dream scene up and to the left and have the bubbles coming from his head it may be more obvious that he is dreaming.

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